About us

About us

Ethika®, you are the value.

"The living is the way of mortals on earth." M.Heidegger

Ethika® is a real estate brokerage firm that operates mainly in the Veneto region mostly in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza.

The activity , initially given to buying and rental of residential property (since 2001), has spread to the real estate and commercial production (since 2008), the luxury residential with specific brand (since 2010), the ecological houses (from 2012), real estate investments abroad in collaboration with OPISAS (2015) and in property auctions AUCTION (2015).

Ethika® want to establish a relationship of trust with you to accompany you in your real estate choices. Our contribution takes the form of a personalized consulting service and exclusive ranging from immobility in its funding, from the opening of the utilities to insurance, with the availability of ongoing support, the safety of those who work with transparency and discretion, competence continuous training and the knowledge that each request is special because it is the only person who expresses it.

We believe that to be a good real estate agents is necessary first and foremost to be quality people; HONESTY, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY, PROFESSIONALISM, COMMITMENT, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, VOCATION, impartiality, for us, are not simple nouns, but identify our normal way of working, a way in which the person and not the property is at the core of our work. In other words, our customers are not considered as mere consumers, but people who interact with us in respect of the place where both live.

Ethika® does not sell real estate buys, Ethika® listens to you and offers answers to your aspirations.

"Ethics is the discipline that deals with the relationship between man and the environment, the relationship between men, in short, of human behavior. The word ethics comes from the greek word extraordinary is that ethos, which we now take the meaning of character, of habit, of all that is related to the behavior of the individual. But ethos, in origin, has a specific meaning, which is the place, or more precisely, the place of living. From Homer to the Classic this term refers to the stable and the den, but above all indicates the location of the home, the place that the man, as the manufacturer, it is built to dwell. Every man participates in their place, has a responsibility towards it, it is the ethical responsibility. So there is no ethical place, that ethics comes from the place and with the place. "