• 07.06.2012

Housing market, +62% turnover in Italy in the scenario to 2020

How will the Italian property market in 2020? In this and other questions sought to answer the research institute independent Scenari Immobiliari research "Milan 2020 - Economics, land and housing markets", in collaboration with the Source Group and presented in Milan yesterday.

+62% On real estate sales in 2020

Currently the housing market is experiencing a downturn in Italy but according to researchers from a recovery in Scenari Immobiliari could come as early as 2013, followed by a recovery with peaks higher than those of the early years of this decade. In 2020, according to research, the Italian property market would charge about 180 billion euros, representing growth of 62% (at current prices) compared to 2011, a quantitative growth that goes hand in hand with quality.

The weight of the great investors of real estate investment should increase by about 50% compared to 2011, because the property will be used to protect security and pensions, and indirect investments will become increasingly important. The research requires that the assets held by the various forms of real estate funds will exceed 70 billion euros, with a strong contribution of the public sector.

They will change the needs of residential demand

In this decade, the residential sector will drive growth in the housing market, but the needs of the application will change under the pressure of population trends: will grow, especially in the suburbs, the need for low cost housing for vulnerable groups (students, immigrants ) and real estate specialist for the elderly. With regard to large urban areas, much greater emphasis on planning and the limitation of land consumption. The survey provides a gradual return toward the center of the city, which will increase the demand for restructuring and prices.

Slower development of constructions of the European average

In Italy, according to real estate scenarios, the development of constructions will be slower than the EU average in 2020 the value of Italian construction is in twelfth place in the world rankings, compared to seventh place in 2010. There will be a significant increase in industry restructuring and infrastructure.

Declining demand for traditional offices

On the front of the counter market, saw the gradual decline in demand for traditional offices. Institutional investors, including international, focus attention on new and renovated spaces, efficient, flexible, high-tech and sustainable.

Major urban sustainable

The real engine of the Italian property market, according to research, will be represented by the major urban projects, with new projects and rehabilitation and with an eye for functional mix, architectural quality, flexibility, energy saving and urban accessibility.

Milan, the capital of innovation

In this framework will be an increasingly central role played by the city of Milan, who in 2020 became the capital of innovation and research and will be increasingly attractive to young people and immigrants. Under the impetus of these new questions, the capital of Lombardy will be first in Italy for foreign real estate investors and the turnover in the residential market in this city is expected to reach 10.7 billion euros in 2020.